Highest Paying Tech Jobs

The global technology landscape is rapidly evolving, with numerous new advances and discoveries taking place every day. In the ongoing era of the pandemic, the global economy has driven technological advancements and infrastructural digitalisation decades ahead. As most businesses struggled to remain afloat, the IT sector has witnessed substantial expansion in its overall demand and performance efficiency. With the industrial revolution 4.0 underway, the ideas of Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, quantum computing and metaverse are becoming household concepts. As most business organisations seek to technologically upscale their operational infrastructure, substantial demand for technological skills has arisen. Thus, in the modern-day, an IT degree, accompanied by suitable certifications and adequate work experience will help you attract lucrative professional opportunities. Here, we provide you with a list of the 10 best and highest paying tech jobs in the IT sector you can get in 2022.

1. Data scientists

In the modern world, technological advancement has enabled organisations to generate enormous amounts of data which they utilise for developing a customer-oriented infrastructural and service delivery framework. Thus, emerges the need for data scientists. These IT professionals are tasked with gathering and analysing large unstructured data sets and interpreting them to generate invaluable insights for their organisation. They also propel the ever-increasing demand for data analytics services across the globe. A data scientist is expected to have commendable statistical and computing skills. From developing complex programmes to displaying extensive data visualisation skills, a data scientist must earn that hefty paycheque. One of the most highly paid jobs in the global IT industry, the data scientists are a rare breed of technological experts, cashing in an annual salary of approximately $200,000.

2. Software Engineer Managers

A software engineer manager is a unique entry to this list. It is a leadership role kept aside for an individual with prior experience in software design and development. These individuals are technical leaders and are responsible for efficient coordination and collaboration in the software design and development team. They oversee the entire software development life cycle. Owing to the profound managerial responsibilities associated with this job, you must display proficiency in leadership and management skills, for which an additional management degree is often desirable. However, the additional efforts for getting that extra degree will not go in vain as having a career as a software engineer manager will bring in an annual income of over $180,000.

3. Blockchain engineers

Blockchain engineers are experts who design and implement secure architectures based on blockchain technology. They are tasked with the secure and seamless designing, development and execution of project infrastructure. These technical experts design unique decentralised applications and are responsible for developing the secure core on which the blockchain is meant to expand. With blockchain technology finding increased application in multiple contemporary business settings, such as cryptocurrencies and many latest gaming applications, the global demand for blockchain engineers is set to rise substantially. This makes it one of the most lucrative professional opportunities for a computer science or information security degree holder. An experienced blockchain engineer is expected to have an average annual income of over $150,000. 

4. IoT Solutions Engineer

The global IoT market is one of the most rapidly expanding business sectors in the world making IoT solutions architecture one of the most sought-after technical skills in the global IT industry. An IoT solutions engineer is expected to possess expertise in multiple fields which include communicating closely with customers, identifying their specific needs and designing and developing products to address the same. Thus, for a career as an IoT solutions engineer, you are expected to have adequate expertise and experience in big data, cloud computing and information security and scriptwriting. As an IoT solutions engineer, you are expected to display commendable expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the most popular job profiles in the world and is expected to draw you an average annual salary of $130,000.

4. DevOps Engineers

A DevOps engineer is an emerging professional role which requires an individual to efficiently oversee and collaborate on the entire product development and designing life cycle. These engineers are required to oversee, conceptualise and enable the seamless release of company software. Responsible for plugging in any gaps in communication and collaboration among the product development team, a DevOps engineer must assume a supervisory and managerial role in the organisation. A DevOps engineer is expected to be skilled in coding and scriptwriting as well as setting up and executing an intricate corporate network. It is a newly emerging professional area and has gained centre place importance only in recent years. This makes it a highly lucrative job opportunity and promises an annual salary of over $120,000. 

6. Product Managers

A product manager plays a key role in the development, designing and launch of a product and is thoroughly engaged in the product lifecycle from the idea conception stage to its launch. It is one of the highest-paid tech jobs worldwide due to the vast extent of responsibilities entitled to these individuals. These responsibilities may include analysing consumer requirements, developing a product design that addresses these needs, overseeing its adequate development and creation and ascertaining its efficient delivery to the target market and observing their feedback. Thus, to become a product manager, you must have strong analytical skills, detailed knowledge of the product life-cycle and commendable organisational skills. In 2022, these highly paid professionals can claim an annual paycheque of over $120,000. 

7. Big Data Engineers

The widespread availability of internet connection in the remotest corners of the world has enabled the generation of a substantial amount of data. Currently, the global big data and data analytics industry is one of the biggest and most promising industries, worth over $270 Billion and big data engineers one of the most lucrative professional opportunities worldwide. Organisations seek out Big data engineers to analyse unexplored and potential market trends and predict emergent consumption tendencies. As a big data engineer, you must possess expertise in machine learning, cloud computing, programming languages and database development and maintenance skills. It will make you a key player in driving your company to remarkable levels of business performance efficiency and, in return, bring you average annual earnings of approximately $120,000. 

8. Cloud Architects

A cloud architect is responsible for coordinating and collaborating with a company’s IT security professionals to translate various technical project components into a robust cloud-based infrastructure. These IT professionals are responsible for the supervision and seamless implementation of the company’s cloud computing infrastructure. For becoming a cloud architect, you must possess expertise in computer networking and programming, have a keen understanding of multiple operating systems such as Linux, and have an in-depth understanding of the concept of cloud security. With the ever-increasing trend of globalisation. Most organisations are looking to have an efficient cloud architecture, making it one of the most beneficial professional opportunities in the global IT sector. A career as a cloud architect is expected to bring you a handsome salary of over $100,000.

9. Full stack developers

A full-stack developer is an IT professional who possesses adequate expertise in front-end and back-end webpage development and designing. From webpage designing to development and deployment, a full stack developer is responsible for overseeing the creation and development of various applications, ensuring their adequate responsiveness and due compliance with the expected performance standards. Their widespread expertise makes them one of the most valued professionals in the industry. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is the minimum qualification that can set you out on the path to becoming a full-stack developer. Additionally, you must possess commendable organisational and product management skills. This career is expected to bring you an approximate annual salary of over $100,00.

10. Database manager

Database managers, as the name suggests, are responsible for managing and maintaining an organisation’s database. They are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the company’s invaluable data for which they are required to implement various security protocols. Responsible for the efficient storage and maintenance of company data, a database manager must oversee the company’s daily operations and must be able to assess the organisation’s informational storage requirements. For a career as a database manager, you must be detail-oriented, have strong communication and problem-solving skills and display commendable organisational skills. A bachelor’s qualification in computer science or information science is a minimum requirement to set yourself in this highly lucrative professional pathway which is expected to garner an annual income of approximately $60,000.

To conclude, if you have a bachelor’s degree in Computer science then you are already on the right path to pursuing one of the highest-paid jobs in the world today. The ongoing industrial revolution 4.0 is revolutionising the entire global industrial scenario and you can be at the forefront of it.

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