how do you check a used car engine

Used Car Engines

Whenever you are looking for used car engines for sale, it is no doubt the most economical and affordable choice you have made. You can truly avail value for your money after investing in a quality used engine. 

However, whatever value you pay for the used engine of the car depends largely on a couple of factors, like the outer appearance of the car, the engine of the car, its standard price, and the service history of your car.

Checkpoints Before Buying

Everyone is well aware of the fact that the engine as it is the most important component of your car and one of the prima facie for the overall performance of the car. Thus, making it much more relevant for every buyer to check the used car engine before buying. The power, the performance, and the mileage of a car largely depend on the state of the engine. 

With the help of this article, you can get along with a few tips to check the engine of a used car before buying.

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1. Delay in the start

Ideally, your car should start on the first go. If it is taking several attempts to start a car, this clearly indicates that there is some trouble in the ignition system or the engine of the car. Do question the owner if the issue persists.

2. Peculiar smell from the engine

When you are visiting the nearby neighbourhood’s junkyard or garage sale then you should see by yourself and try to start the car engine and try to test drive for a couple of minutes. After the ride, stop the car, open the bonnet, and check if there is any smell from the engine. 

If there is a burning smell when you open the bonnet of the car indicates that there is incomplete combustion, and the level oil is dripping low. If you find that the burning smell is very strong, then the components inside the engine are worn out.

3. Check the oil leaks

When there is a leakage of oil from the engine this is also one of the major signs of a faulty engine. Keep a thorough check on the visible signs of oil leakage. Minor leakages can be handled very easily with a help of the mechanic but large spots of oil on the engine indicate damaged internal components or gaskets.  

4.  Inspect the damage signs of the engine 

Used car engine sellers most often try to fool the customers by just washing and polishing the car engine. Check the bottom of the car to find any signs of damage.  The underside of the engine should be thoroughly checked, you may find a bit of dirt or greasy spots, but if you find beads or drips of fluid, these are indications of a damaged engine.

5. Coolant leakage

A coolant’s main task is basically to cool down the engine. If you find continuous leakage of the coolant from the radiator, this indicates that there is some kind of damage or crack existing in the radiator. So, while buying a used car engine, just ensure there is no coolant leakage.

6. Check the Belts and Hoses

Do enquire the seller about the replacement of belts and hoses. If you find lots of rubber cracks, it means that these pieces need a replacement soon and should not be ignored. If the belts are a little cracked, just try to repair these. 

Always go in for gentle, mushy cooling hoses, which are a clear indication of age than their presence outside. The places where these hoses are connected should be cleaned on a regular basis with the help of the motor cleaner so that all the leaky spots disappear. 

7. Thoroughly Check the internal parts

Try checking the internal parts of the engine, you can do the same by removing the oil cap. Try using a towel or cloth to remove the oil cap. And be very cautious while removing it as it may be very hot. If you see clean internal components, it means everything is good to go.  

If you witness lots of sludge and carbon deposits, then this clearly depicts of lack of engine maintenance. And one should avoid buying such an engine.


Follow the above-mentioned points which can help you out in checking the used car engine before buying. A proper inspection of the engine will make you feel confident about your investment in the engine. 

These tips will surely help you to check the condition of the engine before buying a used car engine for your favorite car and making it cruise all along and taking you to the best destinations. If you are around the USA, you can check out used Engine Inc.

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