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A lot of us have been there. We believe the relationship will last for a long time. We imagined the future for this person. We trusted the person, and we put our trust in this relationship and the experience was great.

Now, for no apparent reason, this relationship isn’t functioning. We’re back to where we were alone, and looking for love. After ending a relationship, we can find ourselves feeling sad, broken and anxious, and overwhelmed with fear. What can we do to be able to make it easier for ourselves to break the ice with someone we loved, and still deal with the situation with the stress we have to? Do we need help from a family member or a friend or even a good Relationship Counsellor for breaking up to get advice?

Breakups aren’t easy to deal with in particular because they may cause feelings of disapproval, alter your routine and, in general, make you feel angry. If you’ve been working hard to come to terms with the loss of a loved one, you’ll know the pain that comes with a breakup can be very distinct. In order to manage the pain, you must seek out an expert Relationship Counsellor for breakups who can help you through your day in a positive manner.

Why are Breakup so painful?

Inner Insecurity

There are times when people who are having a difficult time separating themselves from their thoughts ask them “Why am I not good enough?” Or “Do I have a problem?” It’s typical for people to be uneasy about themselves, particularly when their confidence is near to breaking. It is crucial that individuals realize that they’re not in any way wrong. Instead of being angry and blaming others, it is better to acknowledge that it’s not right to be the way it is and continue to move on. When you’ve overcome that obstacle, you’ll find that you are able to see the reasons you failed.

Lost Self-respect

If couples are involved in a relationship the hearts of their partners are usually connected. In the majority of cases, individuals will begin to consider their partner to be an integral part of their lives and may confuse their personal traits with the characteristics of their partner. Thus people who become lost in the relationship will fall apart when they end their relationship. The pain will be a hundred times over, as the person is feeling like his life is over, that he has lost his friendship and self-esteem. The most important thing is to remember the person you are and not forget who you are as a person. A best Relationship Counsellor can help to overcome all of your fears and anxieties and helps you to fall in love with yourself once more.


Many people believe that breaking up can be a rejection. Many people view rejection as a reflection of their ideal partner and others view rejection as a requirement to find a partner in the near future. A lot of people wonder if rejection could be a sign of the future, and in a way eliminates all other possibilities of a relationship, leaving them permanently trapped in a negative relationship. The feeling of being rejected can get to the point that people begin to feel depressed and anxious.

How can a Relationship Counsellor deal with your Breakup?

Keep a relationship with someone you cherish. There is no need to be talking or be a good friend. Family and friends reconnect us with us. They remind us of our charm. They release endorphins (feel-good hormones) that can be beneficial for the moment.

If you feel like there is no one you can be a good listener, record it in your diary. Note your thoughts in your diary. Therapists suggest that keeping journals during difficult times can have a profound positive effect. It doesn’t need to be pretty. It doesn’t even need to be logical.

Begin by saying “I’m sorry today” or “I’m sorry when occurs”. Then, let it flow. It doesn’t matter which you write or what thoughts pop up. Write hard (or soft, however you feel) for 20 minutes. Then, finish with three sentences that praise yourself. A word of encouragement. What you observe in yourself is an uplifting and positive message. Read it over and over again whenever you’re feeling down.

Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to rest. Do not establish a time or date to your recovery. If you fail to “jump” as expected, the schedule can only make you feel more miserable.

Keep active – It could mean doing exercises to stimulate endorphins as well as metabolism-related stress hormones. This could mean that you plan your day according to the patterns you observe. For instance, if notice that you are feeling worse at the beginning of your day, take a walk. an exercise session when you wake up. Look around at the people. If you’re unable to sleep be sure to keep yourself busy during the day and keep an open book or a crossword in your bed during the night.

Love yourself – Be aware of any time you are self-critical and list your weaknesses, list the instances in which you were criticized. It’s like smashing a broken leg by using a hand hammer. Your brain is already reacting to the need for survival. It will be activated more. In the event of this happening consider what you would tell your friend. Do this to yourself. If you want to you could even write to your friend. You can then read the letter.

Learn to be comfortable with yourself. To learn self-comfort strategies, you may also connect with the best Relationship Counsellors who are excellent at sharing the therapy and methods that help you love yourself.

You should resolve the issue with yourself rather than Breakup

Sometimes, situations get worst between each other and one person decides to end the relationship and wants to sort out things. Because love is not just three magical words, it’s a feeling and emotion which connects you to each other. Don’t destroy your relationship for a few mistakes. Just take advice from an experienced and certified Relationship Counsellor who can help you to resolve your issues and guide you to the best way where you can understand each other and try to save your relationship with your partner. 

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