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Typically, an argumentative essay is a piece of writing that uses factual evidence to convince the reader on a certain point of view. When we listen to the term GRE Argument Essay, it quickly comes to mind that it is the process of writing an argumentative essay for the Graduate Record Examinations. This perception is true in one sense, but in a GRE Argument Essay, you do not need to develop an argument on any one of the given topics. Instead, it asks you to depict your argumentative skills on a given argument. In such essays, the candidates just have to write on the strongest and weakest points of the given argument with logical reasoning. Thus, how much you will score on such essays depends on how critically you examine the provided argument. 

  1. Tips for writing a perfect GRE Argument Essay:

There are a number of ways that you can use to write a GRE Argument Essay. Strong writing, mind mapping and critical thinking skills are essential for drafting an outclass essay. In addition to improving these skills, you can also follow the following tips to write a perfect essay for Graduate Record Examination:

1.1 Consider the four points of argument for writing an essay:

Typically, an argument must have four main elements: claim, counterclaim, reasons, and evidence. The claim is the main argument, counterclaim refers to the art of seeing the scenario from different perspectives, the reason is the logic behind your claim, and evidence is any piece of information that you can use in favour of your argument. The GRE Argument Essay must also establish arguments based on these four elements. However, in case of any issue, you can hire essay writing services UK.

  1. Take a head start:

An essay must start by telling the reader that you know all the different parts of an argument. Like all other argumentative essays, you need to explain your point of view in the introductory part of the essay. Writing style, conciseness, and to-the-point discussion are tips to take a head start in your GRE Argument Essay. 

  1. Make an outline to effectively provide quality information:

The outline is the ultimate solution for any type of essay writing problem. To provide quality information in only 350 to 600 words is a bit tricky. Thus, the outline is vital to remain straightforward, short and concise in writing GRE Argument Essays. Remember, you should not take more than 5-8 minutes to create an outline. 

  1. Take into account the scoring criteria to fulfil all basic requirements

Before writing an outstanding essay, you must know what scoring rubric the examiner will use to score your essay. To know this, you must have to visit the GRE official scoring rubric. According to GRE scoring criteria, only those essays will score good that depict extraordinary skills in completing the following things:

  • A very clear discussion on identifying and explaining different parts of the argument 
  • The logical connection  between different points
  • Well-organised ideas to maintain ideas
  • Inclusion of main assumptions and point of author’s original arguments
  • A valid reason or evidence for your argument
  •  The right choice of words to best express your ideas
  1. Identify the false generalisation, misleading surveys, and inadequate evidence 

The provided arguments must have a number of flaws in it. Your duty is to take a bird’s eye view and identify the false conclusion, misleading statistics and weak evidence. Once you find such flaws, you will be very close to writing an outstanding GRE Argument Essay. 

  1. Feel free to embrace the author:

Unlike other types of arguments that start by deciding a single position, this essay starts by examining an argument to develop another argument. So in a GRE Argument Essay, you are definitely allowed to point out the original authors’ assumptions and points. In simple words, you can use words such as ‘the author’ or ‘the author’s argument’ in your arguments.

  1. Make declarative statements to develop arguments

You should choose strong conviction words such as ‘I strongly disagree with the author’s point of…’ in writing a GRE Argument Essay. These words aim to convey confidence that you have effectively found flaws in the given argument.  

  1. Critique two or more author’s assumptions in your essay:   

The best approach to deal with this section of the GRE test is to pick only two or three points that seem less relevant or logical in the given argument. You do not need to read the provided argument over and over again. All you should do is to pick these points and immediately make an outline for a short essay. Think for a minute and write logical reasons for each point. Divide the word count according to the availability of information and start writing up.    

  1. Manage all these things in just 30 minutes 

Time management is another important skill that not only improves the structure of your essay but also guarantees good GRE scores as well. To complete all tasks such as reading to analyse the weak points of discussions, creating an outline, and writing an essay, you will have only 30 minutes. Thus, you must spend only 5 minutes on reading the provided argument, 5-8 minutes for creating outlines, 12-15 minutes for writing 350-600 words, and the remaining 5 minutes for proofreading and editing. In this way, you can spend time on all essentials of writing an essay.  

  1. Prefer simple but clear vocabulary over vague or complex terminology:

Writing for Graduate Record Examination does not mean that you cannot use simple words in your essay. A simple vocabulary can better explain your point of view as compared to complex and vague terminologies; it is a fact that only a few people know. Thus, your clear argument can secure more marks as compared to a complex one.

Final thoughts:

All in all, regardless of your purpose of taking the GRE test to attain better scores, you must have to work smartly. To work smartly, you should follow the above-mentioned tips to write a perfect GRE Argument Essay. Scores like 4, 5, and 6 in this section of the GRE paper are considered good. If you master all the important things stated in these tips, you can surely attain good score and feel closer to your future goals.

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