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Are you thinking of constructing your new website with the help of Elementor Cloud? During this in-depth examination of Elementor Cloud, I will assist you in determining whether or not it is the solution that best fits your needs.

Non-technical users who wish to develop a simple website with WordPress and the Elementor page builder plugin are ideal candidates for the Elementor Cloud, which is an excellent solution for this problem.

While providing you with access to all of the power that WordPress and Elementor have to offer, Elementor Cloud simulates the experience of using a native website builder.

It also provides a great value with straightforward, flat pricing that, for a single site, is less expensive to operate than a WordPress website that is self-hosted.

In general, I believe that it is a decent option for a lot of individuals, but it is most certainly not the right choice for everybody. For instance, more complicated websites like WooCommerce stores or membership sites will still require their own hosting.

Continue reading our in-depth analysis of Elementor Cloud so that you may determine which of these two camps best describes you.

What Is Elementor Cloud?

My preferred way to explain Elementor Cloud is as follows:

Squarespace is essentially the product of “WordPress and Elementor” having a baby.

With WordPress and Elementor, you can develop a fully functional website with everything you need, including hosting, contained within a single bundle. This package includes everything you need.

I’ll walk you through the process in a moment, but the concept behind it is as follows:

Hosting is not anything you will ever need to worry about again thanks to Elementor Cloud, which handles all of that for you. You might instead concentrate on constructing your website like Hubdesk.

At the same time, your WordPress site is still operational. If you don’t want to utilise the Hello theme, you can add a custom theme and install your own plugins, for example.

Advantages of Elementor Cloud


The entire process of establishing and maintaining a WordPress website is made much easier by using Elementor Cloud.

There is no need for you to be concerned about acquiring hosting, installing WordPress, purchasing a separate licence for Elementor Pro, or any of the other aforementioned tasks.

The hosting architecture that Elementor Cloud utilises was developed using Google Cloud Platform.

You merely need to sign up for an account, and then you can begin constructing your site using Elementor’s graphic interface. It has the sense of a “website builder.”

The “Squarespace-like” experience is enhanced further by the fact that it incorporates the selection of a website kit into the process of setting up the account. However, as this website is built with WordPress’s full suite of features, you are also able to install your own plugins here.


The following section will go into greater detail about pricing, but the fundamental premise behind Elementor Cloud is that you pay a single, all-inclusive fee for everything that you require to construct a website, and there are no other costs involved.

You will have access to all of the Elementor Pro features as well as one year of built-in hosting when you pay the one-time charge of $99.

When you consider that an Elementor Pro licence for a single site would set you back $49, this brings your total cost for hosting for an entire year down to just $50.

Although there are several inexpensive WordPress hosting that can beat that price with their promotional pricing, those deals are often only available for a limited time. Because the majority of hosts will charge more than $50 per year at their standard rate, Elementor Cloud provides an extremely good deal for its customers.

Elementor Cloud Pricing

As I indicated before, the annual fee for using Elementor Cloud is a flat rate of $99. This fee covers everything, including the integrated hosting as well as the Elementor Pro capabilities.

Permit me to elaborate on that point:

If you buy Elementor Cloud, you won’t need to buy a separate licence for Elementor Pro because the price of Elementor Cloud (which is now $99 per year) already includes Elementor Pro. You also do not require purchasing additional hosting for your website.

This price of $99 is for each individual site. Only one website can be supported by an individual Elementor Cloud subscription. You will need to make a separate investment in Elementor Cloud for each of your websites if you plan to run more than one online presence.

As is the case with all hosting plans, there are also some restrictions in place regarding the amount of resources that can be used by your website:

If you only have one website, I don’t see how you could find a better deal than what you get with Elementor Cloud.

However, because you will need a separate subscription for each site, the value of Elementor Cloud may not be as apparent to you if you have a large number of sites that receive very little traffic.

If this is the case, it is possible that choosing a shared host that supports an infinite number of websites and obtaining a multi-site Elementor Pro licence will be more cost effective, despite the fact that it will not have the same benefits in terms of simplicity.

When NOT to Use Elementor Cloud

When it comes to WordPress websites that are more involved and dynamic, Elementor Cloud is probably not the best choice.

The following are some examples that illustrate what I mean:

WooCommerce stores and other types of online shops

Websites that require membership.

Online courses

You should anticipate spending more money on hosting if your website falls into one of these categories. You will furthermore gain the benefit of additional freedom as a result of having complete technological access.

Self-hosting your website is something you should consider doing if you plan on turning your blog into a legitimate enterprise in the future. On the other hand, if all you want to do is publish some blog articles on your company website, Elementor Cloud is an excellent tool for that purpose.

Elementor Cloud Performance Tests

When it comes to performance, Elementor Cloud is decent, but you shouldn’t expect it to blow your mind. This is one of the considerations I took into account when writing the section entitled “Who Should Use Elementor Cloud?” which can be found above.

Elementor Cloud provides a sufficient amount of performance for brochure websites and portfolio websites. However, if you plan on running WooCommerce stores, membership sites, serious blogs, and the like, you should pay for hosting that is more performant (which will obviously cost a lot more than Elementor Cloud).

Because Elementor Cloud does not come with its own built-in caching, I suggest that you install a cache plugin such as WP Rocket (our review) in order to improve the overall performance of your website.

In order to evaluate the speed of Elementor Cloud, I first set up my test website with WP Rocket and then used WebPageTest to analyse its performance. As a point of reference, the realistic environment I’m trying to recreate on my test site was built with the help of the complete Virtual Assistant website kit.

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