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The ISTQB is worldwide-renowned certification in software testing that is conducted through the web by its Member Boards through a licensed exam provider. The exam provider for the software certification is primarily an organization having a license given by the Member Board. They provide local exams as well as online exams for international aspirants. Now, proficient candidates who successfully clear the exam get certified with an ISTQB tester certification. It significantly helps them in enhancing their profile. Currently, it is available for interested candidates in well over seventy countries where the certification is primarily offered by a Member Board. For example, if you live in the United States, you will have to acquire it from the member board called ASTQB (American Software Testing Qualifications Board). Furthermore, in India, the member board is ITB. Thus, for the certification, you must seek ISTQB Certification Online Training in India and progress quickly.

Now, let us examine a few sections and peruse a few points pertaining to the certification course and propel your career towards growth.

Importance of ISTQB

It is a basically non-profit organization governed by multifarious industry experts and many volunteers. Over the years, they have also helped it make more prominent. Regardless of the member board, the curriculum and other relevant details about the exam remain the same. There are innumerable reasons why so many professionals prefer to opt for the ISTQB certification. First of all, this is an easy-to-acquire software testing certification for any professional. This is regardless of their professional background and it can technical or non-technical. It does not need any work experience. Moreover, it easily upgrades the profile of the candidates. It consequently makes them eligible for a job in this domain anywhere in the world.

Now, proceed ahead and arrive at the next section to get an idea about the advantages of ISTQB Certification.

Advantages of ISTQB Certification

There are numerous advantageous facets that come with ISTQB certification. It enhances the professional prowess of the candidates and resonates with their career core competency and other skills in the software testing domain. It also imparts knowledge to the candidates pertaining to contemporary market standards.

  • Minimization of Errors

The primary advantage of such a certification is that it makes employees develop core competency in the reduction of coding errors. Furthermore, it also helps in the reduction of software bugs, and other critical defects. Recent studies indicate the fact that certified personnel in the organization comprehensively enhances error-removal efficiency. Furthermore, they also minimize the schedules and costs at the same time. It ensures that a unique combination of pre-test fault removal, error prevention, and formal testing can ensure up to 99% error-free product.

  • More Return on Investment

Earlier rectification of errors attenuates post-production losses. Thus, it is necessary to hire competent employees with the necessary certification. It helps in figuring out the impediments soon. The studies allude to the fact that the simple prevention of even one error can save extra costs up to 1500%. Thus, it is a necessary step to ensure that organizations are spending less on post-production error rectification. It consequently ensures that there is more ROI.

  • Expedite and Enhance Software Development

A lot of testing professionals have indicated that the ISTQB certification and relevant knowledge help in effective communication and enhanced efficiency across the board. A lot of professionals do not require to prefer to implement a rigorous testing process. This is because it is a tedious process and takes up a lot of time. Recent studies also indicate that the majority of professionals prefer to spend more time on adding more functionality to the product than fixing errors. Therefore, the certification holds more value because it teaches professionals in fixing defects more efficiently and quickly.

  • Obtain Global Acceptance

The prominence of ISTQB exists in over seventy-five countries and it has granted overall 75,000 certifications worldwide. Therefore, the prominence of ISTQB exists everywhere and it has slowly become a global standard. It is available for all the staff in the software testing domain and there is a choice to either go for the offline or online exam. The global acceptance of ISTQB also makes it a worthy certification to go for if you wish to explore opportunities abroad.


ISTQB is a coveted certification that helps you push your career and establish competency in the software testing domain. It revamps your proficiency as per the latest standards in the market. The above article highlights a few points regarding the benefits of choosing a certification in this domain. It is a prominent career-upgrading certification in India as well and the enrollment in ISTQB Certification Online Training has subsequently surged over the years. Elevate key skills and learn all the crucial factors that help in error reduction, rectification, and prevention and aim for rapid growth in this domain.

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