Leased Line For Business

BTnet’s dedicated leased line for business is a reliable, high-speed connection that you can count on. You can be confident that your connection will never drop, making it ideal for running cloud-based applications and hosting video calls. A dedicated leased line for business is also ideal for businesses that need to use Wi-Fi that does not drop.


A BTnet Leased Line For Business can be a powerful tool for your business. Its symmetric broadband speeds, ultra-low latency, and direct support make it an ideal choice for businesses that require a high-speed connection. The service is backed by BT’s guarantee of latency less than 20 milliseconds.

BTnet leased lines are great for businesses, as they can be scaled to meet the needs of your growing business. You can select a bandwidth ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and pay for only what you use. The best part is that you don’t have to share your connection with anyone. In the event of a technical issue or service malfunction, the company will come out and fix the problem in as little as five hours.

Another great feature of a BTnet leased line for business is the 24/7 support. If your line is down for more than five hours, you can claim compensation. In addition, the service has a guest WiFi component as well as an integrated WiFi system. These add up to a great package for businesses that want to increase their interaction with their customers and foster business relationships.


BTnet MPLS is a service that enables you to make a dedicated connection to your customers. This connection provides you with a speed of 100 Mbps for downloads and 100 Mbps for uploads. This service is the “Rolls-Royce” of connectivity, available to you anywhere, and always upgraded to the latest technology. It is available at competitive rates, with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees a half-hour response time and four-hour fix time.

BTnet MPLS Leased Line For business comes with a range of features. You can choose to have an engineer install the system, or simply use a wires-only option. This service is flexible and can be set up anywhere in the UK. The cost will vary, however, depending on where you need it. If you live in the capital, you will pay more for a 10mb Leased Line than you would if you were in a remote area.

One of the main benefits of a BTnet MPLS Leased Line for business is its flexibility. The service provides unlimited data, regular usage reports, and low lag guarantees. Furthermore, you can enjoy a fully managed service, and the line can be changed if your business needs it.


If you’re looking for a fast and reliable internet connection, a BTnet FTTP Leased Line is the ideal solution. This type of business internet connection offers speeds of up to 10Gbps, and is supported by a 100% service uptime guarantee and a 5-hour target fix time. What’s more, BTnet is symmetric, meaning data speed is the same in both directions. This means that you’ll have no problems downloading and uploading files simultaneously. BTnet also offers an engineer-installation service, so you can rely on a professional for all your technical requirements.

BTnet FTTP Leased Lines are flexible and scalable, allowing your business to grow as it needs. You can choose from speeds ranging from 10Mb to 10Gbps, and you’ll only pay for what you need. If you’re concerned about high upfront costs, you can use a service that can find you 3x reputable providers.

A BTnet FTTP Leased Line is a dedicated line that runs from a local exchange point to your premises. This type of line is dedicated to your business and is ideal for running cloud-based applications, running video calls, or using Wi-Fi without the fear of a drop. BTnet FTTP Leased Lines are also a good choice for businesses that want a high-speed connection, but can’t afford to compromise on speed.

BTnet BTnet MPLS

BTnet offers MPLS WAN, or multi-protocol label switching, services for business. The service can help businesses overcome a number of challenges, including the need for high-speed data transmission, network security, and a high-speed connection. These services are typically sold by large carriers, and offer multiple benefits for businesses.

The BTnet service is optimized for cloud-based applications, and comes with ultra-low latency, which helps eliminate lag. It guarantees less than 20ms of latency, and BT takes every possible measure to ensure the highest quality network. It also uses direct private peering for many cloud applications, so traffic is not sent through the public internet.

Another benefit of BTnet leased line is its flexibility. You can choose between a single-point or multi-point connection, depending on your company’s needs. With a leased line, you can establish connectivity between different offices and network elements. Moreover, BT business provides a 4G assure service to prevent loss of internet connectivity.

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