Motiongate Dubai - Hollywood Theme Park Travel Guide

An amusement park located in Dubai is dedicated to Hollywood heroes. However, there is another theme park that covers the entire Hollywood area. Motiongate Theme Park Area  was built as part of a park and resort.

 In Dubai, Motiongate provides a superior experience by integrating three significant studios from Hollywood. Themes with characters and themes from DreamWorks Animation, Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Studios are included.

This beautiful park is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. It opened to the public in 2016 at Motiongate Park. 

There are clear signs of the latest design. Opposite the amusement park located in Dubai, The Motiongate has an outdoor garden. Therefore, winter is the perfect time to visit the park.

Why go to Motiongate Dubai?

What makes Motiongate stand out? This is why it is impossible to find parks dedicated to Hollywood studios anywhere else, unlike Motiongate elsewhere. Another factor that makes it even more attractive is its proximity to other theme parks such as Bollywood or Legoland.

There are four zones, each dedicated to Hollywood’s most famous studios. The four zones are Lions Gate, Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Smurfs Village. It’s an area inspired by a Columbia Pictures movie, but it also has a unique zone within the park.

The park is designed for children. However, you can still have fun at the park regardless of age. Its lion’s gate might be more suitable for certain people. There are many restaurants and cafes here. There are movie-themed rides like Zombieland within The Columbia Pictures Zone.

It is a village for young people. You can explore the Smurfs house and see a larger-than-life version of the characters. There is an additional roller coaster in the area, called the Smurfs’ Village Express, which allows children to take an aerial tour of the city.

The best rides at Motiongate Dubai

Are you willing to be part of your favourite Hollywood blockbuster? If yes, here are some of the most exciting movement-related rides available at Motiongate. which you should not miss

Capitol Bullet Train

There is no place to experience the thrills inspired by the Hunger Games movies. Capitol Bullet Train is a genuinely thrilling ride. It is a favourite among adventurers.

 With double inversion and zero gravity riding, You will know what you agree to do. Get ready to unleash an enormous luxury as you embark on this experience.

There are also landmarks you’re familiar with from the Hunger Games movies on the roller coaster if you’re a fan of the Hunger Games.

 You won’t be fascinated by a single drive. This is normal because the other is called the Panem Aerial Tour, another ride themed in the same movie.

Madagascar crazy chasing

Many of us have seen the animated film Madagascar. The film focuses on youngsters who don’t want to deter you from enjoying an exciting journey on this ride. Some say it’s the fastest and craziest roller coaster in its category.

 So there are two good reasons to take this trip. First, let’s go if you’re an avid Madagascar fanatic. The second option is to do the same If you’re pursuing adrenaline, rushing and letting the butterflies flutter through your body.

There are various winding patterns. This happens at an exciting speed of about 80 km per hour. Find out how the Susters are trying to escape from Captain Dubois. This ride is for you if you’re looking for the furthest roller coaster at Zooland.

Chalong swamp

After all the adventures, a more accessible game for the whole family is needed. In Motiongate Dubai, it’s a rainforest excursion. But don’t fret. No smell because it’s party time. Shrek and Fiona throw a party for the adorable triplets.

As you walk through the swampy areas of the park, Mud bubbles will emerge from the water as you pass.

Discover the fun part of Shrek’s house. Don’t forget to take pictures when you travel. There was plenty of time to take photos as the cars weren’t going so fast.

Dragon Glider

You migh  already remember the movie! The animated film “How to train your dragon the ride within DreamWorks” takes you to the island of The Viking. However, this time you will experience the sensation of a black dragon soaring. Which of these two does it? Do you like more, Night or Rage more?

However, you’ll be able to glide across the Viking village known as Berk. Berg — with your favourite hero, Hiccup. and his funny friend

Hotel Transylvania

This is a thrilling ride that everyone can ride together. Enjoy a spooky ride through a hotel intended only for monsters. 

You will meet Count Dracula and his gang in the hotel. The castle is probably the largest structure in the park. with a height of more than 2800 meters

The horror begins with a coffin-like vehicle that takes passengers into the castle. It takes 7 minutes to explore the interior of the car. 

As you travel, many surprises and fears await you. Watch out for characters like Frankenstein or Wayne werewolves too.

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