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We’ve got all the information about Jimmy Johns Providing services right here, & we know you’re just as curious as we are to find out more. In the US, Jimmy John’s is a well-known and quite well restaurant chain.

In 1983, this company was established in Charleston, Illinois. Founded by Jimmy John Liautaud, the business.

When the founder of this restaurant chain company grew tired of learning, he thought about starting his own company. He took out a loan for $25,000 and started his journey by operating a small sandwich store.

They also serve some of the best desserts, drinks, and appetisers. They have a strong reputation for both their delicious catering options and their variety of sandwiches.

The Menu At Jimmy Johns Catering Is Unbeatable

Are you looking for a catering service that is both tasty and affordable? You’re in good hands with Jimmy Johns Catering! Even the most discerning palate will find something on their catering menu from their extensive selection of sandwiches, salads, & desserts.

Additionally, Jimmy John’s offers unbeatable prices. How long you’re going to hold out then? Simply visit the closest branch and order a great meal that suits your appetite. They are available for more than just pick-ups, delivery, and takeaways. Immediately get in touch with Jimmy Johns Catering to start planning your upcoming event!

How Much Does Jimmy Johns Catering Cost?

Want to enjoy Jimmy John’s delicious food inside of your house or place of business? The most suitable option is Jimmy Johns Catering! The only thing you need to do is relax and savour your cup of tea because it’ll be taken care of.

Furthermore, their catering prices are really reasonable. Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to have Jimmy John’s cater your upcoming event! To learn about more our catering options and services, keep reading.

Jimmy John’s Caterers Menu Costs

The menu of Jimmy Johns Catering offers a variety of options at affordable prices. They can customise the menu to suit your preferences and appetite. Additionally, their staff is always eager to help you make your event successful.

We have a complete Jimmy Johns Catering menu with prices for you, so don’t worry. So, take a look at their pricing before placing an order.

Energy Content of Lunchboxes

caloric range: 710-1950 per packet

This package comes with your choices of sandwich, a box of chips, a cookie, or a pickle spear. There are cheaper and more expensive sandwiches.

Price for a box lunch at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s is a great substitute for a quick and affordable lunch. They provide a variety of sandwiches in their $7.99 box lunches.

Easy online ordering process

enables you to take a meal without leaving your desk. So head over to Jimmy Johns Catering box lunch if you’re craving some mouthwatering subs!

Energy Calories Calorie Count Count Count Energy Calories

There are 80–400 calories in the third sandwich.

Three sandwich options: 18 third sandwich boxes, 30 third sandwich boxes, and 48 third sandwich boxes. There are cheaper and more expensive sandwiches.

Half-sandwiches with individual labels, packaged in a durable box. There are cheaper and more expensive sandwiches.

Calories per person: 790-1310

Per-person bundles of sides or a drink or sides only for your group.

Energy on a Party Platter

180–400 calories per third of a sandwich

Choose between a tray of 15 and 30 third sandwiches. There are cheaper and more expensive sandwiches.

calorie intake calorie intake calorie intake calorie intake calorie intake

caloric content of Jimmy Chips

260–300 calories per bag

The five varieties of our kettle-cooked chips are BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, Jalapeno, Regular, & Thinny Chips®. Jimmy Johns Catering lunches provide bags.

Cookies’ calories

There are 410 calories or 370 calories in each cookie.

Cookies with raisins or triple chocolate chunks.

Pickle Bucket Calories

A 5 calorie spear

17 New York deli sandwiches Dill pickle spears inside a quart that are kosher.

Calorie Content of Drinks

1 to 440 calories

Coke® soft drinks or Dasani® bottled water. You can have them sent to you if you let us know how many and which kind you want.

Promotional Code for Jimmy Johns Catering

Are you looking for a simple and affordable catering solution for your upcoming event? Jimmy Johns has got you covered! For a $10 discount upon orders over $50 or more, check out the Jimmy Johns promo code.

Everyone will be satisfied with their delicious sandwiches, sides, and desserts, whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large party. So let us handle the catering while you concentrate on planning your next event! You may find more details here.

Jimmy Johns’ Catering

The best thing about their food is that they use only fresh, healthy ingredients. Sandwiches and platters from Jimmy John’s Catering, from the other hand, have gained popularity among Americans. They have a flavorful taste that will entice you to visit their restaurant once more.

As a result of being managed by a knowledgeable and experienced staff, Jimmy John’s catering services are unique. The prices from Jimmy Johns Catering are much more affordable. They never make you feel as though utilising them was a waste of money, thus you won’t ever be unsatisfied with their services. Therefore, don’t forget to stop by Jimmy John’s right away if you’re searching for excellent catering or culinary services. When it comes to food service, they are the best in the business!

Download the PDF version of the Jimmy Johns Catering menu.

Jimmy John Catering Promotion Code

For your forthcoming event, are you seeking for a delectable and reasonably priced catering option? You should visit Jimmy Johns! Along with their delicious sandwiches, they also offer catering packages that come complete with all the toppings. Order today to get your favourite bargain, or just give them a call.

Additionally, you might save 50percent on your purchase using the Jimmy John Catering discount code! How are you going to hold out then? Place your purchase right away!

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