Rhinoplasty Cost, Procedure, and Results in Islamabad

Your nose is your most prominent feature, if altered it can change the entire outlook of your face. Even though most people are satisfied with the way they look, there are a few individuals who want to get the perfect noses to feel confident and boost their self-esteem. A crooked sniffer can not only ruin the aesthetics of your face but also put a dent in your confidence.

Most people in the showbiz industry cannot stand to have a snout that is even slightly unaligned and prefer to get it fixed instantly. You also can get it fixed with the help of a Rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job. It helps you fix any abnormalities in the nasal cavity, giving you the perfect finish. This article discusses the Rhinoplasty Cost, Procedure, and Results in Islamabad

What is a nose job?

It is an invasive surgical procedure that involves reconstructing the overall look of the snout and gives it a more proper and symmetrical appearance. Sometimes people get this surgery due to the nasal partition being diverged. This means that the partition in the nose is slightly twisted, ruining the overall appearance of the sniffer and making it hard for the patient to breathe. 

Types And Their Procedures:

There are currently two methods used to carry out this surgical procedure. Both procedures involve the same basic principles but the only difference is whether the surgical scar is visible or not. These techniques are:

Open Nasal Surgery:

This technique involves reshaping the entire nose and is performed internally. The surgery requires three cuts to be made on the nose, two normal and one on the nasal partition. This option is usually reserved for people who have suffered from severe physical trauma to the face, resulting in a broken or altered nose. This option is also popular among people looking to get their deviated nasal partition straightened. 

During the surgery, the surgeon will remove any extra tissue or cartilage that might be altering the shape of the nasal cavity to make the perfect button nose.

Open nasal surgery also helps the operator to completely analyze the inside of your nasal cavity. The surgeon will have ease examining the internal structure of your nose properly and have an easier time reconstructing it. 

Closed Nasal Surgery:

The other option is to get a closed nasal surgery. This option involves making two incisions on the nasal cavity and is usually used as a reductive procedure. This means that this option is picked by patients that want to remove extra muscle or bone in the nose that might be making it too big for their faces. This option is best used in people who just want to get a smaller nose and do not want to get any visible scarring.


The total expense for getting a Rhinoplasty in Islamabad depends on which option you pick. Usually this surgery would cost you around PKR130,000to PKR300,000. However, this price tag is also influenced by several other factors. Such as:

The Complexity of The Procedure:

It should be well understood that if the procedure requires more time due to how complex it is, it will cost you more money. Typically patients only get their nose either fixed or just get some muscle or bone removed. However, in the case of a broken nose, it can cost you more money since the nose has to be reconstructed from scratch. 

The Expertise of The Doctor:

An experienced doctor will take more time to perform the surgery as he will make precise decisions after carefully examining the structure of the nasal cavity. An inexperienced doctor will take less time and even half the fee amount to get the procedure done. This is because he will not thoroughly examine the nasal structure. 

Treatment Procedure:

The cost also depends on which treatment option you pick to get the nose job. Your expenses can increase and decrease depending on the option you chose as it also impacts the recovery period.

After Care Expenses:

Lastly, after-surgery care finances are also included in the overall charges of the surgery. This includes follow-up doctor’s appointments, post-op surgery medications, and even the diet plan.

Insurance Coverage:

There are a few cases where insurance will partially or fully cover the surgery expenses. This usually happens when the face has suffered an injury that has broken the nose or if the nasal cavity has a deviated septum that can cause breathing problems. There’s a small possibility that insurance will cover the treatment if it is not a medical emergency. If you are worried and confused about whether or not insurance will cover this surgery, it is better to save up for it beforehand so that there are no money problems that can cause delays in the surgery. 

Before And After:

The results for both of these procedures are practically the same, with only one option having a virtually invisible scar. It does not matter which option you pick, both of them will have the same goal; to ensure that your nose looks perfect and symmetrical with your other facial features. Both surgeries have the same side effects involved

However, the only additional downside of picking the open surgery option is the visible scar on the nasal parting. Although this scar fades over time and practically becomes invisible after some time, it is still visible. This causes most people to get the other option instead. This option also has a longer healing time and causes more swelling as compared to getting the other option. 

The closed nasal surgery option results in no visible scars, due to which there is less swelling the recovery period is also shorter as compared to getting the other option. This promotes high-profile individuals to get this option done. So if you are a busy individual it is best that you pick this technique. 

A side-by-side comparison of both the results for both of these techniques is given below: 

Final Verdict:

Rhinoplasty costs, Procedures, and Results in Islamabad vary from clinic to clinic. If you want to get the best results, it is better to do proper research and then book your appointment. Most of the time we do not do our proper research and just book the appointment based on what others tell us. Try to book your appointment with clinics that offers free consultations. This will help you narrow down on your options and make it easier for you to pick out which clinic to get the treatment from. If you are still not sure where to get your treatment from, you can always Google the highest-rated doctor in the Capital.

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