Self Storage Gate Access Systems

Here’s What You Should Know About Self-Storage Gate Access Systems

A fully integrated security system is crucial for any sort of business in the 21st century. They help companies and businesses who want to secure their perimeters, prevent theft, and mitigate disturbances. Of course, there are different types of gate entry systems that can be applied to different businesses. Each one lends itself better in different applications. One specific business that is a great example of a modern security system is the self-storage unit.

It might seem strange to pick a specific business like a self-storage unit to focus on, however, this is the exact kind of business that needs a quality entrance gate card access security system the most. Access control systems are an important part of larger security systems and are vital to the security of self-storage units. There is a constant flow of people coming in and out of self-storage units. They are open for long periods of time, sometimes 24-hours a day. In a busy area, hundreds of customers need access to their storage units at any given time. Even if they happen to have on-site staff, they can’t possibly handle heavy traffic properly.

Self-storage gate access systems are the only logical answer for this situation. They automate the system in all the right places. Customers can access the facility with a card or even from their phones. Owners or site managers can monitor the property remotely, or with minimal staff on hand. The AI-driven software that supports these systems is actually better than most on-site physical support.

These systems help eliminate the need for on-site staff and security guards. While on-site staff are certainly helpful, they cost a lot of money and they also come with liability issues, which can affect insurance rates. A quality Entrance Gate Card Access Security System helps self-storage companies keep their costs low.

When is the last time anyone went with a more expensive self-storage unit? It probably has never happened. It’s reasons like these that make self-storage units the perfect case study for remote, AI-driven security. They provide a unique environment to build specific systems that can contain any number of elements.

Self-storage is the perfect Petrie dish for modern security systems. While they aren’t guarding lives or protecting government buildings, they are guarding your stuff. Your property is important, and if it’s in a self-storage facility, you want it to be secure.

The best companies can build a system that starts with something like card access systems. They can even add digital passes to manage access through a customer’s phone. A large self-storage facility can even help moderate and track the vehicles entering and exiting the facility with an automated license plate recognition system (ALPR). An ALPR uses a car’s plates to either allow or deny access onto a property. When this works properly, it is a perfect element to add to the system for self-storage units.

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