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There are only two types of window coverings, the hard and the soft ones. Both are loved and even got hated for some reasons depending upon the user experience. Window coverings are indeed a fascinating subject but this is not easy to choose the right one unless you are an interior designer.

Window coverings can be categorized into many things but we are here to focus on the terms soft and hard window coverings. The terms soft and hard are enough to describe what are these window coverings. For the ones who are interested in deep dive then we are here to brief.

First, see what are soft window coverings. Like the name, they are soft and airy. These window coverings are made from different kinds of soft fabrics. Made by using thin threads and also by knitting on low density. Soft window coverings are like curtains and drapes even also some shades and window blinds are made with fabrics. Soft window coverings are normally used for home décor purposes. 

Top Soft Window Coverings are…

  • Curtains
  • Draperies
  • Shades


They are one of the oldest and still one of the most luxurious window coverings indeed. Curtains can be sheer and even thick. Both sheer and thick curtains have different purposes. Sheer curtains are used to multi-layer with a hard window covering and also with thick fabric curtains. Thick fabric curtains can be good alone and also be layer with window blinds and shutters for maximum insulations kind of things. As curtains are luxurious, they are made from high-end fabrics like velvet, silk, and cotton. There are also cheap ones made from polyester.


Drapes are quite the same as curtains. They are also called draperies by many. Drapes are heavy, heavy enough to block all the sunlight so can be considered a blackout as an option for the bedroom. Length is also a differentiating factor between curtains and draperies or drapes. Drapes are so long that they even touch the floor while hanging from the top of the window. Drapes are made from different kinds of fabrics including luxury ones like velvet, silk, and damask.


They are fascinating. Shades are simple and a bit more functional than curtains and drapes. They are a single flat panel of fabrics having an up and down mechanism. As curtains and drapes are hung up from the window sill they are hanging on the sill, strictly across the window. They are two operating mechanisms one is either it folds up or it can roll up both are good. Shades, when ready-made, are more expensive than ready-made window blinds but custom blinds are way more expensive than custom shades. All are worthy of your money.

Now, what are hard window coverings? They are hard, they are not only used for home décor but also to solve some critical issues of the interior because they are functional. As by name they are hard and hence much more durable than soft window coverings. They are made of natural hard materials like different kinds of wood and metals. Some options here are even made with synthetic materials like vinyl, and PVC. 

The top hard window coverings are…

  • Window Blinds
  • Shutters

Window Blinds

These are now the top hottest and preferred window coverings by people. Window blinds are more focused on functionality rather than only providing home décor. Window blinds have slats as their primary cause of functionality.

The slats of the window blinds are attached to a cord or string, it depends upon the design. Slats are functionalized to tilt and position on a desire. There are options for both horizontal and vertical slats. This change in the position of slats leads to different outcomes. Window blinds are installed right on the sill just like the shades.

Window blinds can also be fabric based like roller blinds and roman blinds. In these options, there are no slats at all. They have an up and down mechanism like shades. They are missing the trademark of standard window blinds.

Ready-made window blinds are one of the cheapest window coverings. Custom-made window blinds are one of the most expensive options not only in the window blinds family but overall. 


They are one of the hardest and top durable window coverings on market. Instead of having slats like window blinds, they have louvers. Window blind slats are not functionalized to tilt independently but louvers of shutters can tilt independently so they are much more functional than window blinds. That is why they are top of the list in managing privacy and light. Window blinds can be second on that list. 

Shutters are made from wood. Can be natural and can be also synthetic. Mostly they are made from basswood and on the cheap side, they can be made out of faux wood.

Shutters are generally more expensive than window blinds. can be highly customized to buyers’ demands. Mostly custom-made shutters are going to lead its user to have full benefits from them.

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