instructions for drawing a crocodile

Even though crocodiles are pretty impressive, this design is beautiful. There is also an adorable crocodile in front of you. You can start by dragging a drop on the page’s focal point. Try to achieve unbridled success because it will be the body of a crocodile.

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Then go with it by making another stunning line for the crocodile’s tail and four legs. From this moment, you need to attract the essence of the crocodile. You can draw it by making several nice, straight lines.

Instructions for Drawing a Crocodile

Step 1

Draw a short, even line for the animated alligator (or alligator) eyebrow. Bend the left tip downwards and the right tip upwards to tighten the wrinkled temple. Define the fold under the boundary for the base of the eye.

Step 2

Inside the eye, draw a cycle for the iris and a dab in the circle for the alligator’s pupil.

Step 3

Define a folded border above the eye for a thicker, tighter temple. Add a folded line on the ideal for the temple on the opposite side of the crocodile’s head.

Step 4

Design a diagonal border on both sides of the temples for the top of the crocodile’s head.

Step 5

On the right side, define a slightly curved border for the nostril and a more significant touch below it. Presently specify a large curved margin shaped like a retracting letter C for the tip of an alligator gag. Add another small curved stripe at the top for the double nostril.

Step 6

Draw several curved lines on the left side for the upper part of the crocodile animation’s mouth.

Step 7

Draw a long, diagonal line for the beginning of the lower part of the crocodile’s open mouth. Fold the line back and define another sloping border for the next section.

Step 8

Now draw a progression of small triangle shapes along the highest point of the mouth for the crocodile’s teeth. Add teeth to the base as well.

Step 9

If you have room at the base of the mouth, define two-fold edges for the alligator’s tongue.

Step 10

Emphasize the alligator’s lower jaw. Pull gently from the start. When you find the jaw position on the right, deepen the line.

Step 11

Draw a long, folded line on one side of the head for the upper body. The longer the line, the more stretched the crocodile’s body is. Emphasizes the jaw for the throat.

Step 12

Draw the leading leg down to the right using a progression of small curved lines. The edge of the right leg consists of two short, folded lines, while the left edge is one long, folded line. The base of the crocodile’s paw is flat, and the toes are made up of three smaller, more prominent shapes that resemble signs (>).

Step 13

Draw the crocodile’s front leg the same way from the opposite side but in a more modest piece. The top of this leg will be behind the body, so pull the base in half. Draw a long, even fold line for the bottom side of the front legs.

Step 14

Add the back leg of the left animation alligator by first defining a short, folded border. Add two more limited fold lines on top of each other for the left edge of the back leg. Currently define three short angular boundaries based on the fingers.

Step 15

Continue defining the border from the back to the left to create the top of the crocodile’s tail. Add another long line at the base to wrap around the tail position. Make sure the tail reaches a point on the left side. You can also create the tail extended if you want.

Step 16

Draw a small triangle-shaped extension on the back and tail for the crocodile’s leathery skin. Near the top, add another line of spikes inside the body. You can add a third line below it, assuming you want to.

Step 17

Using a pen or marker, carefully cross the lines to make your animation crocodile drawing durable. After inking, wipe away each pencil mark with an eraser.

The Final step

Change your animation crocodile drawing using colored pencils, markers, or crayons! Varieties with upper body and yellow-green legs. Use yellow for the central part of the body. If you want, you can change the design of your crocodile oppositely. 

Drawing Completed

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