Skincare and personal care is a huge industry with its worldwide sales accounting for a staggering $ 483 billion as of 2020.

The shutdown due to the pandemic leads to a sudden increase in the number of people shopping for their favorite beauty products online. The world of online shopping is overpowering the physical stores, as more people are succumbing to the facility of having their goods at the doorstep.

Not to mention that the online beauty and makeup sites are very specific when it comes to selling products that would fit the minute requirements of the customers. Most of these sites have competitive pricing, excellent return policies, and incredible discounts as well.

These beauty sites are highly customizable and use the latest technology; you can choose the perfect shade for your lipstick, the right compact for your skin tone- all that with the comfort of sitting at your home.

However, not all of them are reliable and some sell products a lot more expensive than their original cost. The high cost of the makeup products as compared to the price at which they can be bought from the local store is also the reason why online shopping is losing the credibility of the customers.

It is crucial that you choose a site to shop for your beauty necessities only after ensuring that they are credible and worth online places.

To help reduce your research and analysis time, here we have prepared the list of the 7 best sites to buy your skincare and makeup products after filtering various options.


Sephora is a beauty brand to go for if you want a lot of filtering that facilitates your shopping by helping you customize according to the skin type, price, or even selecting the ingredients for the product. It offers an extensive range of skin, makeup, and hair products. Each product on their site entails a detailed description of the product, information on the brand that made that product, and all that is required to decide if the product is an apt choice for you. On their site, you would see a lot of reviews, pictures, and video reviews, that will majorly assist in surmising whether the product will help satisfy your beauty concerns.

Some of their best makeup tools to get are-

  • Exfoliating face disk
  • Perfect hydrating BB cream SPF 30
  • Vitamin enriched eye base
  • Tan Palette


Dermstore is an all-encompassing website where you find all the beauty and skincare products you need and more. Its products are formulated after being approved by certified beauty experts and dermatologists. As you make an order, you have to pay no shipping charges, or additional returns if you return the order. Also, you will get free samples along with the products that reach you. The site offers a whole lot of beauty products, eye care products, skin treatment solutions, and different tools and devices to pamper your skin. The nicest part about the site is that it has products in all ranges to fulfill varying budgetary requirements of customers that navigate on their site.

A few of their amazing products-

  • Illuminare concealing mineral foundation
  • Obagi medical professional C-serum
  • Nurse Jamie triangle facial beauty tool
  • By Terry lip-expert matte lipstick

Shen Beauty

If you are in search of beauty products of the highest quality, applications of which bring out the most effective results, then Shen Beauty is the perfect pick for you. This brand provides a comprehensive range of products from face powder to body lotion. The company cautiously chooses each ingredient that goes into the making of their product and makes sure that their customers experience a significant difference after using their products. You can also book an appointment with them to know what products of theirs will perfectly suit your needs. They have tie-ups with the most credible skincare and beauty brands, products of which you can easily find on their site. You can buy according to your skin concerns such as sensitive skin, dryness, aging skin, dullness, dark spots, and pigmentation.

Some of their uniquely good products include-

  • Botanical infused sebu-wash gel cleanser
  • Synbiotic defense mist
  • Aromatic body lotion


Birchbox is amongst the most popular beauty sites, online shopping from here is an incredibly good experience. If you buy their subscription, you would rejoice in the unique benefits that their subscribers get such as getting free samples each month, fast access to their new products, etc. The site boasts about its ability to help its customers easily find the products they need in the simplest way possible. While most famous, with their plethora of options, makes it hard for the customer to pick a product, their company strives to make this task simpler. They are also a brand focused on environment and sustainability as their products and their making methods are consistent with the ecological practices.

Their most-recommended products are-

  • Marcelle BB cream golden glow
  • ARROW radiant skin moisturizer
  • Benefit Cosmetics hoola bronzer
  • Benefit fouroscope palette

The Face Shop

This Korean skincare brand is another trusted brand that utilizes natural remedies and ingredients for comprising its beauty product lines. Its beauty ingredients consist of 600 natural ingredients, collected after roaming around 25 countries, and are then processed to make a product based on the Korean practices for skincare. Their range of amazing products includes brightening cleansing foams, sheet masks, organic moisturizers, and a lot more. No matter the skin concern or the ingredients you are looking for, The Face Shop has the solution. Their products come under the most affordable range, and you can easily buy the product without emptying your pockets.

Their best products include-

  • Yehwadam pure brightening serum
  • Jeju aloe fresh soothing gel
  • Rice water brightening cleansing foam


Mamaearth brings the best of nature with its incredible range of skincare products made using sustainable practices. Going for such earth-friendly brands is the way to shower your love for nature besides ensuring that your skin gets the best organic treatment. Their wide range of products has everything to suit people of all ages and skin types. The brand claims to use ingredients that are 100% safe and free from toxic chemicals. So if you want to resort to an online skincare brand that uses natural ingredients, then going for an organic brand like Mamaearth is a wise choice. You can effortlessly find skincare products to fit your skin tone or type from their long list of products.

Some of the most sold products are-

  • Ubtan face scrub with turmeric and walnut
  • Onion hair oil for hair regrowth and hair fall control
  • Oil-free face moisturizer for acne-prone skin

Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is a famous Indian cosmetic company impressing customers with its efficacious products for many years. The brand contains all the products that are required for efficient skin care such as the brightening crème, sunscreens, and moisturizers. They are known for making splendid products to suit the oily skin type. Also, their moisturizers are amazing and intensely hydrating, helping to lock moisture on your skin for long durations. If you want to get herbal beauty products within the most fairly-priced range, then this famous cosmetic brand of India is the ideal option.

Some of their best-selling products-

  • Lotus Herbals whiteglow party-ready combo
  • Lotus Herbals YouthRx youth activating serum
  • Probrite illuminating radiance night cream

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