Unique Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry

Paraiba tourmaline is a new member of the gemstone family. The stone was discovered in 1980, and soon it became immensely popular in the gemstone industry due to its soothing color saturation. 

Also, paraiba tourmaline is considered one of the most sought-after and rare gemstones worldwide because of its limited presence on earth. The serene blue sea-water color of paraiba tourmaline compels you to add this beautiful and refreshing stone to your collection.

The neon blue color of paraiba tourmaline has made it very popular among jewelry enthusiasts. It is no surprise that the vibrant color of the paraiba tourmaline has a prominent role in making the gemstone expensive and compelling.

Already in love with the spectacular gemstone paraiba tourmaline that ignites curiosities? Alright! Let’s begin with some of the unique paraiba tourmaline jewelry you can choose to look as unique as this stone is.

Spiral Shank Solitaire Ring

Add more bling with a different touch of design to your jewelry that excites you and makes you look attractive. Paraiba tourmaline solitaire ring with spiral shank is one of the fancy designs that look exceptionally adorable. The spiral shank represents the growth and evolution in the wearer, making it an unconventional choice for jewelry admirers. 

Or, if you see this ring through romantic glasses, this is a symbol of a better understanding between two people who are in a relationship. You can gift this to your woman if unconventional fancy jewelry fascinates her. The diamond work on the shank makes the ring more glamorous and sparkling while augmenting the shine of the centerstone paraiba tourmaline.

Pear-cut Halo Ring

Your unique style should only be matched with a ring having the same grace as you have. A pear-cut paraiba tourmaline halo ring is the one that goes perfectly well with your bold and courageous personality. The pear-cut paraiba tourmaline halo ring will get more sparkle and brilliance due to the surrounding diamonds. 

If you’re thinking of buying paraiba tourmaline jewelry that leaves a lasting impression, a pear-cut halo ring is the way to go. You can adorn yourself with the neon paraiba tourmaline pear-cut halo ring to catch all the camera lights and be the center of attraction at any party. Wearing a pear-cut paraiba tourmaline ring also symbolizes the strong will, independence, and unique style.

Two-stone Ring

Two-stone rings have been trending for a very long time. And known celebrities like Ariana Grande and Meghan Fox have taken the popularity of the two-stone ring to a whole new level. Couples are now preferring two-stone rings because of the meaning behind this ring. The two-stone ring symbolizes the bond of couples as well as the commitment to be with each other.

So, if you’re getting hitched soon, make your engagement ring romantic with a magical two-stone paraiba tourmaline engagement ring. This will make your engagement grand and add fun to your celebration. You can pair paraiba tourmaline with a diamond to make your two-stone ring extravagant. The diamond in the ring will enhance the brilliance of the paraiba tourmaline and make the ring unimaginably stunning. Or, if you want to make it more meaningful, then place both of your birthstones in the ring. This will make the ring more romantic for your partner, and she will fall in love with you again.

Let the greenish blue and bluish green of paraiba tourmaline accentuate your overall appearance. Whether it’s a party or any casual event, you can always take your style game up with a stunning piece of paraiba tourmaline jewelry. Check out the paraiba tourmaline ring for sale at GemsNY’s online store to get the best deal for yourself.   

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