Temples and religious places of worship are very important for the people of the Hindu religion and it is said that every famous temple established in India has its own story and heritage that tells people a lot about Indian mythology. The different temples in India are not just pious and sacred because they are religious places of worshipping but they are sacred because of the stories, myths and legends attached to them which have made them pious for the people of Hindu religion. 

One of the most famous temples dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu and the god is worshipped in a different form here which attracts millions and millions of devotees every year. The Vaitheeswaran Koli temple which is also known as Pullirukkuvelur temple in Tamil Nadu is a place where devotees worship Lord Shiva and the Vaitheeswaran form of the god is worshipped here who is also believed to be the ‘God of healing’. 

There are a number of people devoted to Lord Shiva who wish to visit this temple once in their lifetimes which is why here, we are ensuring that you have every knowledge that you need to know about this auspicious temple where diseases are believed to be cured. 

Overview of Vaitheeswaran Temple 

The Vaitheeswaran koli temple is one of the nine Navgraha temples that are associated with different grahas. This temple is associated with the 4th planet of the solar system Mars which is also known as Angaraka in Indian mythology. The Vaitheeswaran form of Lord Shiva is ardently worshipped in the temple and is known to be the god of healing as it is believed that the prayers offered at this temple can cure diseases that people are suffering from. 

How is The Temple Made?

You will be very surprised to see the structure of the temple as the temple is the perfect mixture of architecture and mythology. The temple has several mandapams which is an important part of every temple that you will find in South India. One of the most significant features or architectural wonders of the temple is that the western tower of the temple ensures that natural sunlight falls directly upon the Shiva Linga (Shivalingam) established in the temple for a few times every year. When the natural sunlight lights up the Shiva Linga, the whole aura of the place changes as it converts into something very pious. 

The entire Vaitheeswaran temple has been built in an area of 10.7 acres of land and has inscriptions from the 12th Century (Vikram Chola), the 16th Century (The Nayakas) and the 18th century (the Marathas). The entire structure of the temple is so beautifully made that it is truly a wonder and the small representations of the Indian mythology have made the temple even more beautiful. 

Where is The Vaitheeswaran Temple Located?

As we have stated earlier that the temple is located in South India in the state Tamil Nadu however, in order to visit the temple, you need the exact locations of the place so that you can go and offer your prayers to Lord Vaitheeswaran. The Temple is located 7 kilometres from Sirkazhi however, if you are coming from Chennai then, you have to cover 235 kilometres to reach the temple. The temple is only 16 kilometres away from Mayiladuthurai so you can plan your visit to the temple according to these directions. 

What Are The Timings of Vaitheeswaran Temple?

The most important thing that devotees are interested in knowing is Vaitheeswaran temple timings as you can only plan your visit to the temple if you are familiar with the timings of the place. You will be happy to know that the Temple is open on all days of the week which means that you can visit the place any day that you want however, it is to be noted that the temple is usually crowded on weekends. The temple is open from 6 Am to 1 Pm in the morning after which it is closed for a few hours. If you reach the temple early then, you can wait till 4 PM as the temple opens again at 4 PM and closes at 9 PM. 

It is recommended to visit the temple early in the morning as you will find fewer crowds as compared to the evening hours when people gather for collective prayers. You can enjoy the beautiful lake that is present near the temple if you have arrived a little early and are waiting for the temple to open. The Soothing nature of the place will calm your mind and provide you with the relaxing environment that you need. 

Is Photography Allowed Inside The Temple?

After people know about Vaitheeswaran koli timings, they also want to know whether they can capture the memories that they are making at the temple. Well, you will be sad to know that photography is not allowed inside the temple however, this has only been done to ensure the sanctity of the place as people often create chaos when they try to click pictures and make videos. 

You can click pictures outside the temple with the people that you have visited the place however, it is strictly prohibited to click any picture or record any videos inside the temple as the temple laws prohibit the activity. 

I am sure that you now have all the important information that you needed to know about the Vaitheeswaran Temple if you are planning to visit it.

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