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E-commerce businesses must have solid backing related to their backend servers and platforms on which their website is hosted. Companies need to be vigilant while choosing the right platform for website development because, in the long term, it can hurt their business. 


Online stores offering products and services are in vogue. Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix are among the most popular platforms across the globe. Webx Ecommerce is the platform for Pakistan, which has been offering its services for several years. It has a good presence nationwide, with vendors from big cities and small centres. 

If you haven’t tried Shopify or Webx Ecommerce, it may be challenging to choose one, as its technical details are not very easy to understand. Please go through this blog and read the five main factors mentioned below to know which is the ideal platform for you and what Shopify and Webx Ecommerce offer their customers. 

Remember that this blog is written according to the Pakistani market. So, people with limited or no knowledge about products like Shopify and Webx Ecommerce can gain knowledge from it. Let’s have a quick comparative analysis with respect to the 12 different factors below:

There are three packages offered by Webx Ecommerce which are pocket friendly. Starting from 2950 PKR/month and a maximum of 9950 PKR/month, most small businesses and retailers can easily afford this based on their requirements. While Shopify offers lite and basic packages for a reasonable 9 dollars and 29 dollars, respectively, advanced Shopify can cost you 299 dollars. That’s roughly 66,000 rupees and is over six times more expensive than Webx Ecommerce’s ultimate package. Surely not many people will opt for Shopify after going through this factor. 

1. Payment Gateways

Webx Ecommerce offers 18+ gateways and is working on more. Shopify offers 100+ gateways, but you need to think smart. Why would you need hundreds of payment gateways when even 10-15 are enough? What is the point of using so many gateways, as so many choices make a decision difficult? For Pakistani consumers, providing local payment gateways is the key with Webx Ecommerce as local customers are used to them, and that’s why Shopify’s 100+ gateways don’t offer much difference to Pakistani customers. 

Webx Ecommerce looks to offer just the solutions for their customers that they require, and that’s a smart move. 

2. Add-ons and Dropshipping 

Some add-ons are currently available on Webx Ecommerce, but dropshipping is unavailable. Shopify also offers several add-ons and drop shipping facilities. Drop shipping is still a new thing for the Pakistani market, and that’s why there is still not much awareness about it. We hope that Webx Ecommerce will also offer this support on their platform as the awareness increases. 

3. Scalability 

There are advanced monitoring solutions available with Webx Ecommerce, while with Shopify, scalability is simple. Still, some of my readers would argue that it may not be an option for most users, but for advanced users, or anyone looking for monitoring options, it is a crucial aspect. 

4. Support 

Webx Ecommerce offers live chat, phone helpline, WhatsApp and email support. Shopify provides the same with a community forum, video tutorials, and advanced specialist support. Shopify has more options than Webx Ecommerce, but you must remember the cost you must pay. Webx Ecommerce offers enough services for most users for a low price. And if you need any specific support, you can always contact customer support and tell them the problem. And you will surely get the answer. 

5. Build Time 

This is one of the most important aspects of any e-commerce website builder because people look to start their business immediately. If you offer them several days to start their business, most of them will leave. You can start your business right after signing up with Webx Ecommerce within a few hours, and that’s the case with Shopify. Indeed, this is one aspect in which no company can show lag, or their business prospects will doom. 

6. Flexibility 

Again, this is a critical aspect because if the platform doesn’t have the flexibility and offers customized solutions to its customers, then it will be termed as a very negative factor. We all look for customization, and Webx Ecommerce and Shopify score full marks here. Several customization options are available for customers of both platforms as they are very flexible and straightforward. 

Let me describe the ease of use further for your better understanding.   

7. Ease of Use

Adding and managing product catalogues is one of the easiest tasks in Webx Ecommerce. And also in Shopify. Customers would like to use this as one of the primary tasks after setting up an online store. Furthermore, easy navigation and display settings are also factors that customers look forward to. 

Store themes, templates, and configuration of taxes are very easy in Webx Ecommerce. But Shopify may not be the perfect platform for newcomers in the field as these factors may be complex for them to understand. That’s why Webx Ecommerce has a slight advantage over Shopify in this regard.  

8. Sales Features

Discount codes are offered by Webx Ecommerce and social media integrations too. But Shopify provides a host of other features where Webx Ecommerce lags. It allows customers to sell on Amazon, eBay, and Facebook too. The sales suggestions page helps customers know which products are not selling. Hence, you can release cash and inventory and allocate them for top-selling products. 

Customers using Shopify can have informed decisions with detailed insights into sales, products, and staff performance. In short, there are many advantages to using Shopify here as it is a powerhouse of sales features. 

9. Marketing Tools 

Webx Ecommerce again scores in this aspect as Google Analytics and Google Shopping feed is offered in addition to a detailed sitemap, Adroll and Facebook Pixel. Shopify offers marketing tools like multichannel selling and SEO tools.  

10. Security Features

Webx Ecommerce offers automated backups, a firewall, PCI compliance, data encryption, SSL certificate and CDN. Shopify also offers SSL certificates with built-in features and is PCI-DSS compliant.  

11. Transaction Fees 

On Webx Ecommerce, there are no transaction fees, so that you can earn everything on your sale. While on Shopify, the commission is charged, which can be hefty for new customers as they are initially looking for clientele. 

Final Word 

If you reside in Pakistan and want to target local customers, there are many advantages to using Webx Ecommerce. Shopify is a giant for website builders having a presence in many countries. Still, Webx Ecommerce has the edge over Shopify, especially for a person opening an online store for the first time. With zero transaction fees and lots of analytical and marketing tools, Webx Ecommerce can be just the right platform for you.

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