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Today social media platforms have become immensely popular among internet users to stay connected with their loved ones and share snaps or videos. No wonder Snapchat is one of the widely used social media platforms for youngsters. While conversing with anyone they use slang or acronyms instead with their friends on 

Snapchat to save time. That’s why the use of acronyms and shortcuts has been increased in various social media platforms nowadays.

Snapchat is best known for using a variety of slang and acronyms while chatting with someone. 

Being a Snapchat user you must come across the acronym “HY” which is frequently used on the platform, but you are unaware of it. In such instances, you might be curious to know what does hy mean in text, If so, read the post. We will make you clear everything about it in this post. Let’s jump to know.

What Does “HY” Mean on Snapchat?

So, you might be looking for the meaning of snapchat.  Basically, HY means “Hell Yes“ or “Hell Yeah” which is an indication of the declaration of excitement. Though it has a very simple and precise meaning, it is sometimes used to show excitement only. 

Being a pretty popular acronym on Snapchat, the term extends beyond boundaries and can even be found in emojis that can be used in DMs and Text messages.  

Many stickers are also available on Snapchat denoting HY and you can search them as “hell yes” and a vast library of stickers are available stating HY.

How is HY Term Used on Snapchat?

Users on Snapchat use it during chatting when a question is asked to them and they answer by saying “HY” and expressing an extreme eagerness to do anything. When you are asked a question and are sure to do so, then you can use “HY” while conversing with anyone. This reply can be given as a confirmation of eagerness to the proposed activity by your friend 

For instance, your friend asked you to join their party on weekends, and you are excited to join the party, you can answer “HY”. If your friends do not see your excitement on the specific question asked by Snapchat, adding more emotion by sending  Hell Yeah stickers will be the best bet for you.

How to Use HY on Snapchat

Before you use the term, You need to know hy meaning snapchat. The term “HY” can be used to show excitement along with confirmation of any proposed activity. Here is how you can use the HY sticker in your chat.

  • First of all, launch your Snapchat and take photos using the Snapchat camera.
  • Go to the Stickers option located on the right panel
  • Type the “Hell Yeah” sticker on the search bar.
  •  A list of stickers will appear on your screen along with the Bitmoji related to HY.
  • Pick the one you like most.
  • After you have added a sticker to the photo. Send it to your friend or anyone to whom you want to send it.

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