This article contains some of the greatest game ideas that have helped me effortlessly clear deadly mines and go to the next level.

Gold and Goblins is a thrilling mobile game that blends the exciting elements of merging games and mining clicker games. You’re a gold miner, delving through mines in search of riches, diamonds, and precious items.

You may also level up your mining skills as you go. In Gold and Goblins, you may combine goblins like jigsaw pieces to make them stronger.

They may assist you in mining additional items, as well as develop mineshafts and goblin guns to assist your goblins in striking it rich. It’s two fantastic games in one.

You combine goblins, destroy rocks, and collect gold and riches to restore the goblins’ mines to their former glory. It’s all about making wise strategies and improving your goblin companions to speed up your mining adventures in a variety of mines. However, in this piece, you will discover some basic strategies for doing so quickly.

Best Strategy In Gold And Goblins

Here are simple tricks, and tips that will aid you in mining gold in no time:

  • Deciding what’s most important to work on
  • Simplifying Structures
  • Combining Goblins
  • Working Together on Nodes
  • Collecting Special Rocks

Allow me to dive into these strategies.

Deciding What’s Most Important To Work On

In Gold and Goblins, success boils down to one crucial skill: knowing where to put your goblin workers. Assuming you’re the manager of a busy mining operation.

Would you randomly send your goblins to poke at any old rock? Probably not. To master this game, focus on improving production structures first. These structures are gold mines within your mine.

Fix them up, and you’ll have more gold flowing in, which means you can hire more goblins to help you out. Most of these precious structures are hidden deep in the mine. So, you’ll need to clear away some rubble first.

Plan your path carefully to make sure you’re always moving closer to these structures. Once you’ve got the production structures on the mend, keep an eye out for bonus loot. Grab them all before moving on to the next stage.

Note that you don’t have to clear out every single rock in the mine, especially if you’re already close to the exit. Sometimes, it’s best to leave a few behind and keep the momentum going. It’s about working smart, so, choose your targets wisely.

Simplifying Structures

So, you’ve got your goblins working hard in Gold and Goblins, mining away like there’s no tomorrow. However, those mining structures need some TLC, and you’ve got to keep collecting the gold they churn out manually.

If your goblins could handle the gold collection themselves, then you just need to upgrade your goblin cards to unlock the magic of auto-collecting gold.

Though upgrading your goblin cards can be a bit of a challenge. To make it happen, you need resources, especially elixirs. Elixirs are the secret sauce of Gold and Goblins.

Gather as many as you can in every stage. Once you’ve automated all your structures, you can take a break from playing. Your goblins will keep the gold flowing, and you’ll have a mountain of it to hire even more goblins.

Remember, never exit the game without automating at least one structure, and you should upgrade all your structures too. It’ll make them produce more resources. If you ask me, simplifying your structures means more gold and more goblins.


Combining Goblins

Combining goblins is your secret to winning, and here’s why. You’re in a tight spot deep inside the mine, and space is scarce. Having a few high-quality goblins by your side beats having a bunch of low-level ones.

Quality trumps quantity, but you’ll still want at least three active miners. The game’s world is cramped, and you won’t have a lot of room to move your goblins around. Extra goblins won’t do you much good because they can’t pitch in.

At the start of your Gold & Goblins journey, focus on getting as many goblins as possible. Aim to have at least two goblins with levels higher than the lowest-level node you can access directly. If you’re low on resources, don’t sweat it; just save up.

Once you’ve got those three well-trained goblins in your arsenal, you can start splurging your gold on other things. Only pick up new goblins when you’ve got enough cash to boost your existing ones.

Working Together On Nodes

You’ve got a couple of goblins, and you want them to fix a structure or mine a node. As long as you can place them in a spot that directly connects to the target, they can work together. To pick which node a goblin will work on, just drag them over to the node you want them to tackle.

However, those goblin miners need a clear path to the node. So, clear away any junk blocking their way. This trick becomes handy in the later stages of the game. You see, some nodes and structures can take hours to process.

It’s smarter to use multiple goblins on the same task. With more hands on deck, you can slash the processing time significantly.

Collecting Special Rocks

Collecting special rocks can boost your game big time, and It’s as simple as finding shiny rocks. In this game, two things are like gold mines for your progress: treasure chests and gem nodes. Treasure chests are surprise presents.

You never know what’s inside, but you want them all. However, the most important things to look for in these chests are Cards and Elixirs.

They help you level up and make things smoother. Remember, there are different types of chests, but don’t judge them by their looks. Even the plain ones can hold some real goodies. How about gem nodes?

They’re not your regular rocks, but way more special. Inside these, you can find some top-notch loot, especially gems. Gems are the game’s VIP currency, and you want as many as you can get. So, always keep an eye out for those shiny rocks in the mine.

Smash them open like a birthday present, and you might just find the treasures that’ll make you a Gold and Goblins legend.

Final Thought

I’ve taken you through the exciting world of Gold and Goblins, and now you have some of the best tricks and tips to conquer those dangerous mines and level up like a pro.

Gold and Goblins is all about merging the best of mining and merging games, where you become a master gold miner, uncovering treasures, gems, and all sorts of valuable goodies.

And the more you play, the more you level up your mining skills. Here are the five game-changing tricks and tips:

  • Deciding What’s Most Important To Work On: Focus on upgrading your production structures and strategically clear your path to success. Grab bonus loot, but you don’t have to clear every rock.
  • Simplifying Structures: Automate the gold collection process by upgrading goblin cards and gathering those elixirs to make your life easier.
  • Combining Goblins: Think quality over quantity. Combine your goblins to make a formidable mining team, and don’t forget to invest wisely.
  • Working Together on Nodes: Team up your goblins to tackle big tasks, especially in the later stages when time is of the essence.
  • Collecting Special Rocks: Keep an eye out for treasure chests and shiny gem nodes. They hold the keys to your rapid progress.

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