workplace violence

Hurting someone is considered a crime as per the law whereas hurting someone physically is termed as Violence. One Should avoid such criminal activities to safeguard themselves from going to prison. The egoistic behavior of humans is the reason for most violent cases. If violence takes place inside the family is termed domestic violence whereas if such incidents take place inside the workplace is termed workplace violence. One should avoid violent activities if tracked earlier and take preventive measures. Don’t confuse with the terms harassment and violence. Harassment does not include physical hurting whereas violence comes under physical hurting.

Preventive measures to avoid workplace violence

Employers will be liable for any violent incident that takes place amongst the employees. Such incidents might ruin the company’s image in front of other employees and clients.

– If the company has large strength of employees then it is advisable to hire a full-time security guard for the entrance gate and at the parking space.

– Zero tolerance policy should be implemented in the company. This helps maintains the peaceful working environment in the company.

– Petty issues should be resolved instantly with the help of the HR department. Petty issues might take the shape of violent activities if it’s not resolved at an early stage.

– Encourage teamwork instead of developing competitive revenge amongst the employees. Jealousness is one of the biggest reasons for workplace violence.

– Preventing measures should be taken to avoid Workplace bullying and discrimination.

Types of Workplace violence –

Workplace violence can be divided into four categories:-

Criminal Intent – 

Violence activities like robbery or theft take place in the company and come under criminal intent. Such incidents are takes place by external sources.


Sometimes a dissatisfied customer or client becomes the reason for workplace violence. Such incidents are more common in the healthcare sector, especially in rural areas. Nowadays government is taking preventive measures to safeguard the interest of health workers.

Worker or employees

Conflict amongst the employees is the most common type of workplace violence. Managers and team leaders should make sure that there should not be any conflict amongst the employees In case there is any misunderstanding among the team member try to resolve that at an early stage until it gets violent.

Political discussion

Two persons supporting different political parties can sometimes become the reason for workplace violence. Political discussion should be restricted amongst the company.


Misbehave with someone because of specific characteristics. Age, Gender, etc are an example of discrimination. Discriminating behavior with colleagues could be the reason for workplace violence.

Workplace Bullying

Bullying is passing wrong comments and making fun of someone because of their appearance. Bullying is illegal everywhere, being fed up with bullying lots of people commit suicide. Employee performance will affect if he or she faces the issue of bullying in the workplace. Bullying activities should be prohibited in the company and those who witness performing such malpractices should be punished strictly. Continue bullying at the workplace could take the shape of workplace violence if not taken care of properly.

What to do if faced workplace violence?

Be brave and fight against workplace violence. Fight doesn’t mean physical attack. Just Hire the employment lawyer and tell him all the problems you have faced.

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