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To help you plan, we’ve produced a list of the eight most popular torrenting sites we expect to be around in two years. There have been several torrent sites that have come and gone over the last several years. When you don’t know who to put your trust in, it’s tough.

Our recommended torrent VPNs make it possible to download files in perfect secrecy. Here are the 2022 most crucial torrent RSS feeds you should follow. Now is the time to get started!

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Peer-to-peer download methods like those used in torrents allow users to download material without placing much strain on a hosting site. When others are downloading a file, you may steal a little portion of it. Torrent-based file transfers significantly appeal to consumers because of their speed and ease of use.

Due to the prevalence of pirated material, this isn’t good. It’s become necessary for most torrent aggregation websites to go down or alter their URL or moniker (The Pirate Bay comes to mind).

It’s contesting to keep up with the continually moving sites of Torrents. This is a list of the best torrenting sites for the year 2022. In other words, these best torrenting solutions may help you locate what you’re looking for.

Torrent Users Must Own A VPN

Recently, torrent hosting sites and users have been targeted by anti-piracy steps. Internet service providers (ISPs), law enforcement agencies, and copyright holders have all been closely monitoring and investigating torrent usage over the last several years.

Individuals and organizations have shut down several of the most well-known torrent indexing sites we’ll address here.

If you use an unsafe internet association to download torrents, you will be spied upon. Additionally, you might face severe outcomes if your Internet service provider (ISP) can prove that you illegally downloaded copyrighted material from their servers.

Because of the technology’s work, torrenting is seen as a more severe downloading method. It is possible to concurrently download and host a massive piece of content using a torrent client.

Since you first downloaded it, it’s available to many more people. After all, you’re not simply downloading password-protected files. You’re violating the law more if you’re also hosting the content.

ETTV RSS – Top Torrent RSS Feeds You Should Know in 2022

Copyright holders have even privileged their work to be made accessible to the public on purpose in the past. As a result, the copyright holders can trace who has downloaded the work.

Threats of fines or criminal commands should be issued to all of them. Copyright trolls and law firms will send you threatening letters if you use torrents. If the user doesn’t pay the fee, they’ll be taken to court and fined.

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Because you want to avoid this predatory conduct, downloading files via torrent demands secure communication, including an encrypted connection.

If you’d want to protect the information you send over the internet while it’s being sent, you may use a virtual private network (VPN). You can read and share information without fearing that your Internet service provider or anybody else can see what you’re doing online. You must safeguard your privacy while downloading torrents.

Prefer an Awesome VPN | Torrent RSS Feeds

Now that you know the essence of utilizing a VPN while browsing pirate sites, what are your resorts? To that end, we’ve picked a few VPN providers we feel most thrive at shielding torrent users. Among the variables we take into consideration while presenting a VPN to you are the following:

1. KickassTorrents

A well-known site that shut down in the spring of 2013 was TorrentFreak. After the earliest site was taken down, several clone sites surfaced, claiming to be authentic pursuits. As a result, the development team has not officially endorsed any of these websites.

Because of this, the KAT team rejoined to bring back the famous torrent site with a new URL. Also, the new site has the same content and features as the old one. Similar to the community connections that made it possible to debate and promote alternative means of sharing information and files.

An active user society, well-organized types, and a huge file library make uTorrent an excellent torrent client. Torrent users should also be acquainted with the previous KAT.


Limtorrents returns to our list of the highest ten torrent sites in 2021. This service may access torrents, which offer a broad mixture of options. I’m guiding to anything from TV series to movies to video games and even Anime when I say that.

Due to LimeTorrents’ regular content updates, it seems as if obtaining a healthy torrent is not difficult, which is why it is one of the best torrent services out there. Additionally, websites display information about newly uploaded torrents and the top 100 most popular torrents.

It’s also possible for people to create their accounts. You must first download the BitTorrent client program to upload torrents, post reviews, bookmark torrents, and chat with other users.


However, this torrent site has only 10-20 million monthly sightseers. Despite the absence of a broad torrent library, Torrentz2 is an excellent aid for finding music.

The site’s colossal theme selection is what we mean when we say it’s “really outstanding.” Other than that, Torrentz2 is lacking in many ways. As a result, there is a bunch of ad intrusion, and the download speed isn’t stellar (we got between 1 and 3 MB/s).

In addition, any browsing options, such as scouring by album, artist, or song, would be very appreciated. Hence, bear this in mind if you cannot find what you’re seeking elsewhere.

4. 1337x

1337X might be valuable for various media, including film, television, and music. Further, it’s well-liked among video game enthusiasts, who utilize it to find and download torrents. RARBG and The Pirate Bay seem to have more torrents in this category, especially for older releases, according to our research.

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Since it was difficult to use and had a lot of security flaws, 1337X was a terrible choice for torrenting some years ago. Afterward, it was redesigned to make it easier and better protected against external threats. If you want to narrow your search, you may look for episodes and movies established on their nominations for various awards.

Over the previous several months, the site has seen an upsurge in monthly traffic of over 53 million people. Averaging 3-4 MB/s download speed, it doesn’t have any ad interruptions. The project’s creators rely only on Bitcoin contributions for financial support.

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