The Importance of Server Speed and Its Impact on Revenue

In the e-commerce world, it’s common to hear that server speed is linked to revenue. So, when we talk about e-commerce or an online store, it’s important to remember that we are dealing with people who don’t have time to visit our physical store. If you want to establish an e-commerce website or online store but don’t know how to solve issues. i.e. There is no need for such a website if it saves them time while purchasing.

If your website takes too long to open, takes time for customers to load a page, or takes them to repeatedly click the refresh button, they will leave and go to another website. This will affect your business as they will never return to your website, and your website’s traffic will decrease, which is the worst part for you. They may even tell others about their bad experience or leave a review on your website, which is an e-commerce website.

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As a result, having exceptional, unique content combined with a faster website loading time is the key to sales and conversions. As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on the website’s pace. it has numerous advantages, particularly for E-commerce businesses:

1.  A faster server speed with aids improves SEO ranks

The importance of search engine rankings for an e-commerce website or any other website on the internet cannot be emphasized. One of the factors that search engines examine when ranking a website is the user experience. However, users are only satisfied with what they want. Giving a fast-loading web page will always help your visitors a WOW factor. As a result, your server speed is interlinked with your website page load time.

As you can see, there are a variety of performance metric tools in the market that will help you to report on the performance of your website as well as it will identify areas for improvement. You can also optimize the structure of your code to improve response times. However, for your website to load faster, you will surely require hosting capability to execute your program swiftly.

So it is necessary to choose a fast and reliable dedicated support staff for your e-commerce website which will boost your website and help you to grow your business.

2. Increase in Sales and Conversions rates

One of the major benefits of having a fast website speed is the increase in sales and conversion rates. In other words, The speed of an E-commerce website has an impact on its conversion rate. According to the data, sluggish page load times account for 18% of abandoned carts. However, the ideal loading time for your website is less than 3 seconds. So I will suggest you have a good and better speed for the website on phone and webpage.

3. Customers’ satisfaction

Nowadays, People are less patient than in the past, as people are busy in their life they don’t want to wait for anything since there are so many other options. There are multiple reasons for this, including the fact the average online user is impatient and prefers to connect in real-time. If your e-commerce website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it will have an impact on her purchasing patterns and decision-making. Having internet streams is critical for any company’s success. 

However, word-of-mouth or referrals from a reliable source have long been an efficient kind of promotion for online firms, according to experts.

Choosing the right to outsource a server for your E-commerce business

The structure of your web pages, databases, and hosting servers all play a role in website speed. The type of web hosting and web hosting support you choose might make or break your e-commerce website’s ranking. However, there are many types of hosting services available in the market. Furthermore, businesses are turning to dedicated server technologies to boost the speed and power of their e-commerce websites.

Having proper web hosting support for your website or business allows you to perform better. Get one of the best-dedicated support teams for round-the-clock server management and monitoring. eTechSupport offers Windows and Linux server administration at a low cost. Also, the provider services like Web Hosting support, 24×7 Server Management, Database, Administration, Dedicated Support Staff, Semi-Dedicated Support, Pay Per Ticket, Live Support, Web Server Security, and Data Migration. As and when the need arises, our team will take necessary preventive or reactive actions. 


As a result, if you select the best web hosting support for your website or business, you will prevent a slew of issues. So these were are the main benefits of having a fast server and how they help a website load faster. So choose the right web hosting provider and the best web hosting support provider too. 

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